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It was mid of 2008 I was going through a very hard time. I was experiencing financial difficulties along with my family problem. Someone informed me of Prof.Rupesh Chakroborty,I met with him a day.He asked me few questions and then check my Horoscope and calculating my Planetary position he mentioned vividly some of past incidents which happened in my life. I was spell bound. Regarding my future all his prescribed me two stones is still effective for me.


I was experiencing a very difficult time. At that time one evening I met Prof.Rupesh Chakroborty in his camber and told him my office problem with my Boss due to some misunderstanding my company management suspended me. Prof. Chakroborty told me “No matter” and prescribed a valuable stone and assured me that this crisis will be solved very soon. Within a month I received a call letter from my office that suspended order withdrawn and join immediately

Koushik Basu mallick